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agabird Karel Daniel

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Auteur Onderwerp : RuneScape - If I train up my combat
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2022-02-28 - 08:30:34 send message to MMOgrfy

50 Defence gives me access to the cheapest Power armour, which is Rockshell/Spined/Skeletal. Pray 61 gives the same level of combat as 60 Pray. This unlocks the Amulet of Zealots, arguably one of the best amulets in the game. The summoning 67 is meant for the Tortoise, however I did not ever had any use for it.

In the coming Defence reset, I'm given the option of resetting to the level 1 defence. This would make me unable to use Power armor, and shuts out the essential Freedom ability. I can train again to level 34 in a flash, but what's the purpose of a reset in the first place?

The other aspect is that PvP is dead aside from warbands. And since the mechanics have changed at warbandsthere's little advantage to having a low level of combat now.

If I train up my combat, I will be able to gain access to better masters of slaying, which speed up my main aim. It was so hard to reach an 89 slayer and still not being able to do Smoking Kills until 90 combat. Unable to utilize Kuradel in addition to the Iowerth Slayer Master will be similar to being frustrated, but on the other hand it will be an exciting feat to achieve 99 slayers without ever having the ability to use a master better than Sumona.

Leo and I are well-versed in warbands but from completely different angles. My expertise lies on the game mechanics as well as the metagame of warbands, while Leo is an expert on warring politics and pvp strategies. In my limited knowledge of the political landscape, there are two major factions, WBG which focuses on looting and PKS who prioritize the practice of pking. There are also some smaller independent groups such as Shailay, Judgment, and Almost Lost.

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